Technological Objectives

To fulfill these highly ambitious goals, the following technological objectives have been set, to be achieved chiefly within the tasks performed by the industrial partners:

  • Integration of an array of cross-reactive molecule-terminated Si NW FETs in a ‘NA-NOSE’, with proven ability to detect and identify volatile biomarkers of LC, into a VLSI chip, preferably using VLSI fabrication techniques currently available.
  • Design and prototype realization of a microfluidics flow-cell, able to be used as a host for the Si NW FET-based (VLSI) chip, and as an exposure cell for breath and tissue/cells headspace samples.
  • Design and construction of a prototype ‘NA-NOSE’ integrating the Si NW FET-based (VLSI) chip and microfluidics system. This prototype will be portable and stand-alone for its use in clinical studies.
  • Integration of the prototypes into the MultiSens software packages in such a way that will allow the other groups to embed and test their algorithms with the prototypes efficiently.

Development of a system for testing and training the ‘NA-NOSE’ using artificial breath, which will allow characterizion of the system in a defined and reproducible way.