WP1: Growth / etching of Si NWs and Related Characterization

The overarching goal of this WP is to grow or etch Si NWs and provide them to WP2 where functionalization and integration in a Si NW FET will be realized. More specifically, the objectives of WP1 will be:
•    Achieving growth of single crystalline, defect-free, high-density Si NWs on Si-wafers.
•    Producing a set of Si NWs, based on chemical etching of Si-wafers; optimization of depilation and functionalization processes, as well as strategies to integrate the depilated Si NWs in the Si NW FET device; comparison with VLS Si NWs in terms of functionalization, electrical properties and ease of integration into the Si NW FET design;
•    Development of a template capable of stable realization of the thinnest Si NWs possible.
•    Using fully-characterized Si NWs via structural, electrical and optical for Si NW optimization.