WP5: Signal and Data Analysis

The main goal of this WP is to design and apply reliable models which detect, with the minimum number of failures possible, the presence of cancerous biomarkers in biological samples and estimate their concentrations with the least possible error. To achieve this main goal, six specific objectives must be met:

  • A completed design for specific detectors and filters of the noisy signals from sensors used in the project.
  • A set of powerful mathematical tools able to extract the hidden information and detect incorrect or abnormal datasets from initial experimental databases.
  • A set of novel mathematical tools to reduce the dimensionality of experimental data while preserving initial information.
  • A set of defined nonlinear models able to estimate the presence and the concentration of cancerous biomarkers.
  • A detector able to prevent the loss of information by reproducing the initial information.
  • A set of defined methods, which can enable the most important information to be extracted from initial experimental data and from the results of the estimative models, in order to facilitate the detection of cancerous biomarkers.