WP9: Dissemination and Exploitation

The main objective of the dissemination task force is the distribution of project results to different target groups via various marketing channels, such as e-mail, newsletter, press releases etc.  The main dissemination objectives in LCAOS will be:

  • Establishing a common project identity for profiling in all public communication.
  • Publishing information brochures (flyers) for dissemination of project information, and final results to the stakeholders in the community, and interested public.
  • Constructing and maintaining the LCAOS website, serving different information needs.
  • Issuing a LCAOS newsletter, i.e. a digital medium, disseminated twice a year.
  • Publishing articles and reviews in special journals and magazines.

Formulating a strategy for a LCAOS network of technology providers, technology observers and end-users.